Changing The Lync 2010 Conference Attendant messages

One of my latest requests was to add a company banner introductory message to Lync’s conference attendant instead of the default. For this we re-recorded all of the system messages and not simply the banner to ensure that the messages sound as professional as possible, although if you want to just change the welcome banner it is called “JOIN_WELCOME.wma”.

Changing the messages is not “officially supported” by Microsoft although a Technet article does exist to do this in OCS 2007 R2 at This does not put your system in an “unsupported” state with Microsoft according to the article, although if you have issues with you conference attendant I would recommend putting the files back whilst you call Microsoft to ensure that the issue is not traced back to this.

After spending an hour listening to every message the EN-GB attendant woman says and making a spread sheet I thought it would be useful to share my findings.

To download the UK English messages click here, I presume the US messages are similar except that when we say “hash” in our instructions the US messages will probably say “pound” but I have not had chance to listen to them to confirm this.

Microsoft advise that all messages are in the following format although Lync seems happy with any WMA but it is best to stick to the Microsoft recommendation where possible:

  • Windows Media Audio (WMA) file format
  • 16-bit mono
  • 48 kbps 2-pass CBR (constant bit rate)
  • Speech level at –24DB

Personally I use Audacity to do most of my audio conversions but in this case these messages were being recorded by a professional audio company so this was not a concern for this project, just ensure you let whoever is recording them that they are in the above format.

Once you have your recordings back and are happy with them they need to be placed in to the following folder on your Lync server (mine test server is Standard Edition, for Enterprise installations it will be on the server containing the conferencing services on them).

C:\Program Files\Microsoft Lync Server 2010\Application Host\Applications\Conferencing Attendant\Media\en-GB

Ensure that before replacing the files you taken a backup of them in case you need to revert back to the original attendant!!

One you are done give your conferencing attendant a quick call and test to see if it now has your new messages.


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